The Wily Network

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Role: Graphic Designer
The Wily Network ︎︎︎
Creative Director: Will Macowski

The Wily Network is dedicated to helping its students overcome the obstacles they may face due to their life experiences and achieve their full potential. The organization's mission is to empower and enable these students to achieve academic success, financial stability, and personal well-being. To provide comprehensive assistance to its students, The Wily Network collaborates with several universities and colleges in the Boston area, such as Northeastern University, Suffolk University, and Boston University, offering services that include tutoring, academic coaching, financial support, mentorship, and career development.

Throughout my collaboration with The Wily Network, I have been responsible for creating a variety of their marketing materials, including their annual report, annual appeal, holiday cards, campaign visuals. In addition to utilizing their existing brand assets, we have expanded their brand identity by developing new visual elements, iconography, and illustrated graphics to enhance their visual presence.

The Wily Network highly values its annual report as it offers a comprehensive overview of the organization's activities, financial performance, and accomplishments in 2022. This report provides valuable insights into program impact, student success stories, and the effective utilization of funding and donations to fulfill the organization's mission. The annual report is an important tool for donors, stakeholders, and the public to gain a better understanding of the organization's operations, achievements, and financial health.

Here’s the digital version of the annual report on The Wily Network‘s website, please feel free to explore further information. ︎︎︎

We created tailor-made visualizations for every new campaign that aligned with their brand's visual language to strengthen their unique identity. Additionally, we worked to refine their visual library of assets on an ongoing basis.