TurningPoint Health Solutions Rebrand

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Role: Graphic Designer
TurningPoint Health Solutions ︎︎︎
Creative Director: Will Macowski

TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions is a leader in advanced clinical and technology-enabled complex condition management. TurningPoint provides an innovative suite of specialty care management services and technologies that enable health plans to improve the safety, quality, and affordability of healthcare. Through its platform and specialized team of clinical experts, TurningPoint works collaboratively with providers to deliver optimal care. They offer condition-specific, quality-driven, value-based care management services that optimize care from diagnosis and discovery through recovery. 

Our team revamped the entire brand identity, including establishing a new visual assets ecosystem and a brand-new website. I collaborated closely with the team on designing the logo, developing the color palette, and selecting the font. Once the key elements of the brand were finalized, I took on the responsibility of creating the visual assets and website pages. This project gave me the opportunity to take ownership of important deliverables, further developing my skills in project management and task ownership.

Old Logo

New Logo

This minimal concept elegantly adds meaning to our company’s name. By integrating a solid circle or point in place of the “o”, we immediately create an abstracted shorthand for the company (the circle, representing the word “Point”). This extremely simple mark lends us flexibility and versatility, without demanding decoration or visual embellishment — Circles representing a whole, a process, 100 percent, 360 degrees; A point representing a place in time, the beginning, the end, a node of data, a moment of connection. This brand identity leverages simplicity and cleanliness to establish TurningPoint as a credible, reliable, and no-frills solution for Payers, Providers and Patients. Period.

An icon consists of a corresponding object and a circle. Typically, TurningPoint Sky is implemented as the primary color, and TurningPoint Maize is used in a small area to highlight the essential elements of the object. However, TurningPoint Scarlet replaces TurningPoint Sky when the icon obtains a negative message.

In addition to the icons above, there are also a simplified version of icons for sections that are less prominent.


              Individual page

Health Plan page