Instructor: Corwin Green
This project is to voice the student’s demands for the studio environment.

Studio should be a place to provide cozy environment for students to study and refresh their minds to work more productive and more innovative. However, during long time spending in the studio, I keep witnessing students striving to make themselves more comfortable. For example, the contest between the back-rest chairs, which are more comfy and secure from severe back issues, and the stools is critical.     

To voice out our discontent with the studio environment, I compose a manifesto for the Communication Design department looking forward to substituting the stools. Along with describing how the ideal studio could be, I elaborated on the actual conditions of how students endure in the studio difficulties such as the chairs, spaces, and hardware.

1. When you come to the studio,do you prefer to
find the seat with back-rest chair?
2. Would you prefer to have a back-rest chair
to seat if you don't have one?

3. Do you ever steal the back-rest chair from the other sudio?
4. Do you think the time you spend in the studio
will affect your chair decicision?

In addition to the questionnaire, I also create a cultural probe for further insights.
Most people are not satisfied with the current situation.

    Through the questionnaire and the cultural probe, I simply knew other students’ thoughts
and I decided to write a manifesto to convey our concerns.
I combine with the feature of a petition, which includes other proposers’ signature. I wrote an enormous manifesto and hung it in the corridor of the studios, which is a considerably eye-grabbing location to welcome other students to sign up if they are also willing to endorse it. The style of the manifesto is concise with the significant title to capture readers’ attention to understanding the primary intention of it, and the three-paragraph content written in white on top of the black background.

Classmates come and sign the petition the moment I post the Manifesto in the corridor.

After the spring break, everyone in the Communication Design department receive a response!

Eventually, the department heard our voice and tried to help us out. 

Dec 2019
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