(Story of ”Retrospection of the Sun" from Taiwanese indigenous tribe - Bunun.)

Instructor: Gaia Hwang

The story of two suns and one of the suns transforms into the moon in the sky.

The work is to design a constructed language based on visual forms, and to compile a dictionary of the language to narrate a story.



Every piece has its own matching piece which there would be only one way to finish the puzzle.

Wood Boards -
Laser cut -
Layers -
The Box -

The Bunun tribe is located in the mountains.
The influence of the burning suns.
The story is passed down by generation to the next generation. 
The story is kept mysteriously and intactly.

The Dictionary 

The burnt texture is correspond to the scorching sun.

Story of the fesitval (Decode) 

According to legend, the ancient time of Bunun, there were two suns in the sky, and they shined on the earth all day. People were living miserably, so the Bunun people decided to kill one of the suns. However, Bunun people could not kill both suns because they needed the sun to provide energy to the plants and crops. Due to this conflict, the sun and the Bunun people had a deal that one of the suns would turn into the moon and they would repeatedly rotate while the Bunun people need to perform rituals to them. Eventually, it becomes the legendary of the agreement between with the moon and the Bunun people.

December 2018
#Visual language #Laser cutting