SilverKey Medicaid Rebrand & Website

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Role: Graphic Designer
 SilverKey Medicaid ︎︎︎
Creative Director: Will Macowski

SilverKey Medicaid helps families navigate the complicated Medicaid application process to ensure their loved ones receive entitled benefits. Mistakes in the application process can lead to denial of benefits, which can be financially devastating. With rising nursing care costs, it's important to get the application right. They offer expert guidance and support every step of the way, from organizing finances to completing the application. The goal is to help families receive maximum Medicaid coverage as quickly as possible.

In this project, we are committed to delivering a refined re-brand identity, including Logo, color palette, icons, and a refreshing website to modernize the brand’s personality. I collaborated closely with my creative director to create the wireframe, establish the styles, and define the website’s overall design direction. Throughout the design phase, I took full ownership of the project and worked closely with other designers on the team to execute tasks such as creating pleasing icons and illustrations and ensuring a cohesive visual experience for the website.



The new concept abandons any literal representation. It incorporates an abstraction of the lock and positions “SilverKey” entirely as the key. The non-literal representation lends sophistication and incites a broader range of interpretation including: holistic approach, openness, focus, new horizons, and attention to detail. The title case serif font ensures readability and lends a more mature, academic feel.

SilverKey color palette creates harmonious and elegant compositions. One of the primary colors is a vibrant shade of magenta that infuses the brand with a bold and energetic touch. Its deep and saturated tone exudes confidence, making it an ideal choice for creating eye-catching accents in a modern and dynamic color scheme. Another primary color is a deep midnight blue which evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication. Its rich and enigmatic hue makes it the perfect selection to create a bold and alluring visual impact. In addition, the off-white shade, which instills a sense of tranquility, is commonly used to mediate the vibrant magenta and the deep midnight blue. Lastly, the secondary colors in the last row create a gentle and cohesive tone to help comprehensively shape the brand’s personality.

One of my key responsibilities is to provide art directions on the icon and illustration style to other designers on the team. Collaboratively, we strive to capture the essence of the hand-drawn aesthetic and emphasize the charm of imperfect lines and organic textures. This unique style not only enhances visual interest but also evokes a comforting sense of warmth and humanity. It infuses the assets with a touch of authenticity and soul, fostering a deeper connection between the customer and the brand.

Redesigning their website has been one of the most rewarding projects I have worked on. I had the opportunity to own and lead the entire website development process, starting from creating the wireframe and designing the visual system. Through close collaboration with my creative director and our skilled developer, we brought the site to life. Please feel free to visit the SilverKey Medicaid website ︎︎︎