Light is ubiquitous and brings brightness to people. When it goes intense as a power to extend authority, it turns into a weapon. However, are there any ways to defend it and protect our eyes?

First, I recorded my reactions through different positionsstanding in front of the projective light with the primary colors. Standing a long period in front of the flickering light is extremely disoriented, uncomfortable, and unwell.

Furthermore, I create spaces which could put the different color of acrylics to address the filter for the concept of protection.By filtering the same color, it could effectively reduce discomfort.

Materials: Acrylics & iPhone 11

Then, I build a model with acrylic, which is a material that could reflect light, to place an iPhone in it and play the recorded video.  Even when a viewer is no longer directly exposed under the flickering light, it could remain dangerous and power just by watching them reflected from the black acrylic at the back.

Dec 2019
#Experimental design #Photo manipulation