The pamphlets are made for the thesis literature review.

The most interesting part of this project is that they are printed by the sunlight (ultraviolet light) and the chemicals called palladium and platinum. These chemicals can capture the light and come out with colors after developing.

Print out the negative layouts.

Put the negatives on top of the paper and place them under
the sun for minutes.
(The actual time depend on the strength of the light.)

Steep in the developer and cold water repeatly three times after exposed for.

”Photomimicry“ is a self-created word combined with ”photo-“ and ”mimicry,“ which I was looking into the relationship between light and organism to understand light’s potential and well-beings. ”Photo-“ stands for light, and ”mimicry“ means the resemblance of animal species.

April 2019
#Film phototography #Darkroom print #Editorial design